Everybody Can Be of Service with Denise Dinoto

As sixteen year old Denise Dinoto was given some advice.  “What ever you are asked to do, whatever opportunity presents itself, say yes. Do it all. You never know if you’re going to get another chance. And, and that’s, that’s kind of how I’ve always tried to live my life. Say yes, do it all. […]

Rotary Changes Lives with Angela Walker

Rotary changed Angela Walker’s life. An injured veteran, Angela was feeling lost. After a chance meeting with a Rotarian, she decided to become involved. Today this two time Club President and District Membership Chair brings commitment and energy to Rotary. She makes Rotary better. We had a great conversation. TRANSCRIPT Peter Tonge 0:20Welcome to this […]

Polio Eradication With Michel Zaffran

Michel Zaffran is the former Director of Polio Eradication at the World Health Organization. In our conversation we talk about polio eradication, vaccines, public health and the role Rotary has to play. TRANSCRIPT Peter Tonge 0:20Welcome to this episode of Talking Rotary. I’m Peter Tonge, and I’m a member of the Rotary Club of Winnipeg Charleswood. […]

Small Things with a Big Impact with Dr. Nancy Hansen

This time on Talking Rotary Dr. Nancy Hansen talks about making a big impact while doing small things.From Miss Easter Seal 1966 to proud educator and Rotarian you will want to hear Nancy’s story. To support her work, you can reach her at TRANSCRIPT Peter Tonge 0:20Welcome to this episode of Talking Rotary. I’m […]

Humanitarian Landmine Removal with Hansjörg Eberle

This time on Talking Rotary we talk about landmine removal with Hansjörg Eberle, Founder and Director of Fondation Suisse de Déminage (FSD). Learn more about their work at: You will also find a related article in the April 2022 edition of Rotary Magazine.

Changing Lives with Mohan Kumar

This time on  Talking Rotary  we speak with proud Rotarian Mohan Kumar. Mohan is a master trainer, a Rotary champion of health and a diversity advocate.  He changes lives my helping to provide artificial limbs to those in need. Learn more about his work by following these links: The Ellen Meadows Prostectic Hand Foundation The […]

Diversity, equity and inclusion with Valarie Wafer

On this episode we talk with  Valarie Wafer the  Chair Rotary International Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Task Force. We talk about building Rotary through diversity.  For more information on Rotary’s work on diversity, equity and inclusion follow this link:

Rotary Riders Raising Money for the Ripple Effect Program

Two friends Peter Neufeldt and Doug Mortin have used their love of motorcycles to raise money for the Ripple Effect Program. For more than twelve years the “Rotary Rides” gather on a Saskatchewan summer day to ride and raise funds for their favourite Rotary program. On this episode Peter and Doug tell us about the […]

Advocating for People with Disabilities with Ken Masson

Ken Masson is the co-founder of the Rotary Club of World Disability Advocacy. The Club is a diverse group of people from around the world who share two common goals: to advocate for people with disabilities and to make Rotary International more welcoming for people with disabilities. You can learn more and become involved on […]